Posted on January 2, 2008


i’m sick. so sick. and silly monkey is sick. so sick. we’ve been sick for over 10 days now. how does that happen? i’m not quite sure what it is. it’s snotty & sticky and oozey & gooey. M thinks we just have bad colds. i think it’s just gross.

christmas was fun. we spent a lot of time with my brother and sister, loads of time with M’s parents and siblings, and tons of time just being together. but not too together – considering silly monkey & i are sick, yet M… not sick. not even a sniffle.

so i got my new coach bag (i love you mr. bleecker tattersall tote M) to go with my new coach sunglasses. M got his beloved wii (which he opened before thanksgiving & is perhaps why he is not sharing snot rags with me & silly monkey), and silly monkey got a plethora of toys & shoes & toys & clothes & toys & candy & toys. we really spoiled each other this holiday and we kinda needed it – ok, wanted it. though, not as much as we’ve needed & WANTED our puffs plus.

i made a delicious holiday feast of mashed taters, gravy, veggies, bread & green bean casserole, to go along with my homemade, fabulous, moist & juicy honeybaked ham – ok, not so homemade, but still fabulous, moist & juicy. silly monkey ate mashed taters & veggies, then spit the rest of his dinner at us b/c M & joshua decided it would be funny to humor him & laugh at the spitting, to which i replied “not funny”, to which M replied “yes, funny”, to which joshua replied “yea, it is kinda funny”, to which i replied “no, not funny”, to which silly monkey replied “haha FUNNY **spitspitspitspit**”, to which i continued to reply “so NOT funny” – but ok, it was kinda funny.

all in all it was a good day.

only missing one thing. only missing mom. i still think about her all the time and miss her all the time and wish she was still here all the time. and then i am thankful that i had her for nearly 28 years to hug and love AND that i will have my entire lifetime to think about her, miss her & wish she were still here. and also thankful that i know what love means, feels like, and does.

and love makes you panic for the silliest of reasons sometimes. i was particularly panicked on saturday while i was packing up some holiday decor. i realized that i had not gone to hallmark to pick up THE ornament. ok… so this might not sound like a big deal, but this is THE ornament that mom started buying for me when i was 18. THE ornament that has continued in a collector’s series for the past 10 years. THE ornament that has always been my favorite christmas present. THE ornament i FORGOT to seek out b/c i’m oh so busy being not so busy. THE ornament that is sold out on hallmark.com. THE ornament that is going for 3 times the price on ebay.

so sunday, i made an early AM trip to a nearby hallmark and scoured the ornament clearance rack. and i got one. i got THE ornament. i cried.


silly monkey & i are still sick. i have about 8 billions photos to upload. and i’m running out of tissues. OH and M has to work tomorrow… new year’s day. pooey. oozey. gooey. ah choo. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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