Posted on January 15, 2008


Danyelle: mmmm. fajitas. my mom loved fajitas.
Matt: how come they only give you a tiny bit of cheese?
D: i’m gonna ask for more.
M: cheese makes everything taste better. everyyyyyything.
D: even ice cream?

GPS: please make a sharp left.
Matt: what?
Danyelle: huh?
GPS: please enter south north highway, southbound.
M: what did she say?
GPS: please exit on unnamed road.
D: i think she’s confused.

Matt: it might be cheap if we do it ourselves.
Danyelle: i don’t want to do it ourselves. i don’t want to do it the hard way.
M: but…
D: let me rephrase… i AM NOT doing it the hard way.

Danyelle: i just went to the nice husband store & they said you were broken.
Matt: i just went to the grump store & they said they had plenty of you left.

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