Posted on February 1, 2008


every morning, i get myself ready before i go in to get silly monkey.  you see, i’m considerate.  silly monkey really likes his sleep, so i give him the extra 15 minutes that no one has afforded me in over 2 years.  anyway… besides the point… back to the point… so, after i’m getting all pretty done, i go in & coax him out of bed, which usually takes about 15 minutes (see above).  then, we grab a diaper, some clothes & socks, and head into the master bed to chill out for a few minutes while we get ready.  now, we used to watch spongebob, which lately had been met with “nonono mommy”.  then we moved on to wilbur, which was then met with “carcarcar”.  so… we now watch TRAFFIC WATCH LIVE.  and it is just that.  it’s the actual traffic watch around columbus – you know, cars… traffic… on 70E… or 315S.  horribly shot live webcam videos of cars driving aimlessly to dead end jobs.  ha!  and he LOVES it.  so we watch.  every morning.