Posted on February 8, 2008


M:  watcha doing?
D:  making silly monkey some eggs. but…
M:  oooooh.  can you make me some?
D:  i packed all the pans.  crap… where did that box go?
M:  just use the griddle.
D:  hmmm… good idea.  ok, so what were you asking me?
M:  eggs?
D:  yea, for silly monkey.
M:  for me?
D:  no.  for silly monkey.  eggs.  for silly monkey.
M:  can i have some?
D:  i’ll make you some if you grab my red dress with the red belt from the laundry room.  oh & a pair of my black socks.
M:  what red dress?
D:  the red dress with the red belt.  they’re downstairs, in the laundry room.
M:  ok.  where are they?
D:  the laundry room.
*** M comes back up with the dress, belt and one sock ***
D:  ok.  try again, one more sock.
M:  silly monkey… give these to mommy
*** silly monkey hands D 5 different socks***
D:  alright, i guess i’ll make these work.
M:  eggs now?

PS.  we’re doing OK.  just fine, actually.  seems normal, maybe better.  we’ll manage to get things back the way they were – starting with the 14 boxes in the living room and the dining room full of joshua’s furniture.

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