Posted on February 10, 2008


in no particular order…

1. matt has some violent food poisoning. poor sweatywhineyannoying baby. i have given him the bed. i will sleep on my sofa. good danyelle. sit. stay.

2. after thursday, i no longer have a job. ok, so that doesn’t suck entirely, but it means that if i don’t find something soon, i have to say byebye to silly monkey’s pro photo shoot in april and a big 2nd bday bash.

3. there are still 8 boxes of crap in my living room. see #1 as to why they have yet to be moved.

4. i had to make eggs on the griddle,which has “grease drain holes”, making it a major challenge. since all the pots & pans were packed and are now covered in boxes of joshua’s stuff, i can’t get to them. thank goodness for a good neighbor, who has the lovliness of loaning me one.

5. joshua has still not found a place. our fault. so we’re helping as best we can, even it means driving around neighborhoods looking for “rent” signs. seriously, though, gas is NOT cheap.

6. dex has a tummy ache. and won’t stop pooping. ugh.

7. i forgot to get my 2008 mackenzie thorpe calendar. and now, they’re sold out pretty much everwhere. oh wait. got it. nevermind.

8. nothing new on tv. i am stuck watching lifetime movies. blah.

9. it’s cold. very, very, very cold.

10. did i mention i’ll be sleeping on the sofa?

and a thing that doesn’t suck…


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