Posted on February 11, 2008


i have a message on my answering machine from my mom.  it’s not a big deal message, in fact, it’s from after she got sick… but nonetheless, it’s a message from mom so don’t mess with it.

along with this message are a few from matt.  they’re cutesy messages from when he was in arizona for work and i was 9 months pregnant.  they’re sweet, so i saved them.  if they get deleted, no biggie, i have matt here to say the occasional nice thing to me.

as of yesterday, there were 5 messages that hadn’t been deleted, just like there have been 5 for almost a year.

today, i noticed there was a “4” showing on the machine, instead of “5”.  i socompletelytotally freaked & ran to listen to what was still there…

message 1… matt

message 2… matt

message 3… matt

message 4… mom

and all is still right in the world… aside from the fact that silly monkey said “crap” today.  whoopsie.

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