Posted on March 21, 2008


this is our new blog site. once i can figure out how to export all of our old posts, i’ll do it (b/c i am so not copying & pasting over 300 entries). comments are open on this site, so feel free to leave them about how adorable my child is and how awesome i am. anyway…

at the top of this page, you can access info on silly monkey’s 2nd bday party (among other things). it is a password protected page b/c, well, i don’t want crazy people showing up at my house at 2am… wait… REPHRASE… crazy people I DON’T KNOW showing up at my house at 2am. ok. so… at the link above, you can get info on parking (carpool, people) and festivities. it should be super fun to pack a billion people into my townhouse, so let’s have at it.

photos will also still be added here, with most at shutterfly.

on another front, i’m sure you all know that matt & i have separated. he lives around the corner and everything is civil and amicable (now). other than that detail, i’m done talking about it.

everything else is just fine.silly monkey  has a new HUGE playroom and i have a clean house (aside from the 8 billion cars littered on three floors).

more posting soon…

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