Posted on March 22, 2008


now playing: definitely, maybe
starring: ryan reynolds (yum), isla fisher & others i care nothing about
summary: yummy man going through divorce tells his daughter about how he met her mother, then finds true love with adorable gal

thoughts: i definitely, maybe (ha, a pun!) thought this movie was going to suck. i figured it would be another cheesy romantic comedy about love & finding onseself, and though it kind of was, it was done in a very sweet way, without sex & dirty words & violence. it certainly left me feeling satisfied and very happy.

ryan reynolds is adorably yummy. i’ve never thought too much about him, beyond his physique and such, b/c he’s done too many van wilder movies for me to care. however, in this flick, he was funny (not raunchy) and clever (not sarcastic). i laughed throughout the (long) 105 minutes & felt bad for him & then happy for him. in all, he portrayed the perfect mate and left me with only 1 question… where is mine?

so… it didn’t get great ratings. but hey, i hate most movies. who are you going to trust with your $8 ($6 at gahanna!!!!).

thoughts off topic: it’s been a long time since i’ve been out, out. i suppose i used to go out & to the movies with “m”, but they always seemed rushed, boring, out of obligation and in the middle of sunday afternoon (not to mention to view a horror movie, not the delightful film about romanticism and laughs). but last night, i was relaxed and thoroughly enjoying myself. i felt good and happy and stuffed full of coneys. i felt different, in a good way, in an easy way… i loved it!!

what i didn’t love was being out on a friday night around a bunch of young uncontrollable teenagers who think the movie theater is the perfect place to act a fool, make out, get drunk and puke all over the parking lot in front of hundreds of people. what?! where are these kids’ parents? where are their morals? where is their common sense? ugh. i was NEVER like that (seriously). silly monkey will so not be like that!!!!

in closing… i had a GREAT time last night and when, if ever, is the last time i said GREAT?!