Posted on March 25, 2008


i have always believed that having just a few fabulous people in your life makes up (and more than enough) for all of the walking morons of the world. i’m also a firm believer that family double as friends, which can triple as the best friends. i have those people in my life and i am more than grateful to have them here. michelle and joshua are my fabulous familyfriendfolk and they are just that, absolutely fabulous.

yesterday i had lunch with a friend i rarely get to see.  he’s a good friend.  the kind who always says “i owe you”, even when he most certainly does not owe me a single thing ever.  it’s always nice to catch up and feel happy and comfortable.  mason is a good friend.  his car also makes me feel fabulous.

then there are those days when it seems that nothing anyone says or does will help get me through the crap that i’ve been dealing with. 

well, i don’t seem to be having those days anymore. 

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