Posted on March 26, 2008


silly monkey‘s eating habits are crappy picky.  he won’t eat meat b/c “no, no, no yucky” and don’t even try to hide it mashed potatoes or olives b/c he totally just KNOWS it’s there.  however, everything else has to be just right…

grilled cheese – must be cut into tiny triangles with no crust

peanut butter & jelly – must be cut in strips, hold the crust

french toast – strips again, hold the syrup

cheese – cut in the shape of a star (he also refuses the other part of the cheese – the square with the star missing b/c “star fall down”)

spaghettios – no sauce, no meatballs

noodles – extra long, no sauce

mac & cheese – in a bowl only (it’s “yucky” if on a plate)

he’s funny.  meal time is always extremely entertaining.  thank goodness for mighty milk.

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