Posted on March 27, 2008


things are looking up.

not only did i not turn the alarm on last night causing me to bolt from bed this morning (an hour late!), silly monkey refused to eat breakfast (which, by the way, was a mixture of french toast and goldfish crackers) and i slipped in the parking lot while getting gas, which also means that i had to pay for gas, which sucks all in itself.  oh & not to mention the greasy truck driver that saw me slip (and fall), who put his greasy hands on me to help me up (thanks), for which i now have a greasy handprint on the sleeve of my dress (and a big ‘ol bruise on my booty).  i also forgot my lunch.

so, yea, things are SOOOO looking up!

on a more positive note, my dog actually went poo in the rain, in less than 2 minutes!  woohoo!!!!!!!

jeez.  i talk type a lot.

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