Posted on March 28, 2008



silly monkey went pee pee in the potty!

i am so thoroughly excited.  i think i may have called about 40 people last night (most of which don’t have children and thought i was just gross for taking photos of pee, but so what be excited for me b/c my kid isn’t even 2 and he went pee pee in his potty!!).  who knew pee could be this friggin’ excellent?!

in all seriousness, it was probably a fluke – like a bound to happen b/c he was diaperless, sitting on the potty with the bath water running.  but so what!!!  MY KID PEED IN THE POTTY!

of course, silly monkey didn’t care much.  he was more excited for his bath… “mommy, cahr fall down waaaater… spash!”

on another note, everything ends in “why” now.  don’t throw that… whyyyyy.  eat your beans… whyyyyy.  add an occasional “what?” and we’re good to go.

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