Posted on April 1, 2008


i’m a lucky woman…

oh, sure, my 9 year relationship is over & getting divorced is a bitch.  yep, i know i lost my mom last summer, to an illness as horrible as imaginable.  and yes, i’m on the outs in the job department, mostly thanks to that 9 year relationship.

but… i am one lucky woman.

let me take you back to 2005 – four months after i had lost my first baby (a horrendous experience i wish not on my worst enemy), i was sitting with my mom and sister eating sushi.  well, they were eating sushi, i was complaining about not being pregnant.  and when i say complaining, i was just whining.  and when i say whining, i mean that people around us were annoyed & throwing rice at me.  anyway… at the end of dinner, i got the ever exciting fortune cookie.  most times those scraps of paper aren’t fortunes – “the greatest advice is the kind you don’t ask for” – but this one was different.  i kid you not, it said “you will have an exciting new addition to your life by being the warm person you are” (so i ignored the part about being a warm person, b/c what? who? me?).  i took a pregnancy test (ok, 11) a few days later.  i was pregnant.

i still have the fortune.  it’s laminated and i carry it in my wallet (shut up!).  it also has the date typed on it … august 22, 2005 (shut up!).

chances are, i won’t be having any more babies (doctor semi-confirmed).  but, today, my baby is almost TWO!  in three weeks, silly monkey, will be TWO.  he is my miracle.  i am lucky & blessed to have him in my life… he is my life.  my mom may have taught me about unconditional love, but silly monkey has taught me how to unconditionally love… and it feels fabulous.

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