Posted on April 3, 2008


i must. i must, i must, i must…


not only did he zerbert my back yesterday, but he smacked my booty twice today and bit my arm 5 times!!! the show of love is astounding.

but i digress…

silly monkey is doing so well in his “silly monkey bed” (and i say “silly monkey bed” b/c when i refer to it as his “big boy bed”, his face gets all weird and scrunched and he tells me “no, no, silly monkey bed” – so there). the first night, he got up only twice to:

1. open the door and yell “mommy, look!”
2. open the door and yell “mommy, look!”

after each time, he then slammed the door closed & ran back to his “silly monkey bed”. keep in mind however, #1 was at 11pm and #2 was at 1230am.  i contemplated getting one of those doorknobby things so he can’t open the door, but the kid is so clever, i figured he would figure it out, open the door and yell “mommy, suuucccckkkerrr!”.  and we really cannot have that.

his manners have also improved.  instead of say “eeeeeehhhhh” if he doesn’t want something (or actually wants more of something), he says “please”.  for example… “choclet, please” or “canny, please” or “cookie, please” or “french fries, please”.  notice a trend here?  i secretly wish he’ll start saying “turkey, please” or “chicken, please” or “roasted potatoes au gratin with a side of foie gras and caviar, please” (seriously, boy, just eat some meat!!!).  alright, so it’s not so secret.  anyway… “please”, “thank you” and “no thanks” are the hot words in the house now.  “what” and “why” are on the way out (or so i hope)!

aside from the new bed and new manners, i’ve been wrapped up in all the party planning.  i’ve gotten the guest list together, sent out the invitations, and ordered some fun games & decor.  i’m so excited for silly monkey to be oh so not excited at this party.  if i imagine correctly, it’ll go something like this – “maters, MATERS… cake, please”.

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