Posted on April 5, 2008


you were my heart. you were my laughter. you were my world. you were my joy. you were my excitement. you were my passion. you were my choice. you were my home.

you are my tears. you are my breathlessness. you are my sleeplessness. you are my heartache.

i gave you everything and would have given you anything. i did everything for you and would have done anything for you. all of these things, i wished to do with you – beside you. instead, you take my tears. you take my breathlessness. you take my sleeplessness. you take my heartache.

one day, all of those things you refused to put your heart into will haunt you. one day, all of your thoughts will turn to regret. one day, sadness will consume you. but, everything will heal. as you know, it only breaks when you give up – when you give in.

and i stand here, today… right now… NOT a mess. i am not a mess.

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