Posted on April 8, 2008


the new big boy silly monkey bed is working superbly. perhaps it’s b/c silly monkey has always been a great sleeper (minus the first 5 months). maybe it’s b/c he was just ready. or it could be that the bed rail evokes the sense of a crib. whatever it is, i don’t care b/c silly monkey lays down and sleeps til i wake him up.

(and yes, i have to wake the boy up. in fact, sometimes he won’t even rise until i open the curtains and tickle his back. most days, i’m met with teenagerish whining when the light comes through the window and a swat when i tickle him. oh yes, he likes his sleep.)

recently, i’ve been reading horror stories about kids not staying in bed, getting up a billion times during the course of the night and/or crawling into bed with mama. i read an article about a little girl who would get into bed, pretend to sleep, and then get up and play by the glow of her nightlight, only to pass out on the floor. and i know of a boy who had to be locked in his room at night b/c he SWORE he was thirsty every 10 minutes and made sure everyone in the house knew the same.

**knock on wood**

i am so glad i don’t have one of those kids. granted, when silly monkey was an infant and i was exhausted (with slight help from “m”), i would bring silly monkey into bed with me for a morning nap. and even still, when silly monkey can’t sleep b/c he’s sick or too warm, i’ll cuddle with him until he falls asleep, starts mouth breathing on me and whacks me in the face. i like to think of those events as “special” and they certainly don’t happen often (aside from the mouth breathing). i mean, seriously, i had to share a bed with a bed hog for almost 9 years and now that i have my bed back to myself, i want it ALL to myself (with the exception of my cat, lucis, who so graciously sleeps on the very, very, very edge at the bottom so he doesn’t get kicked). still, sometimes i have to resist the urge to cuddle with silly monkey when he stirs alone in his bed, but i seriously. do not. want. one of those kids.

**knock on wood**

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