Posted on April 10, 2008


i know a lot of people.  a lot.  but very few of those i know would i trust with my coach bags, let alone my life.  i have a handful of what i call my best people.  those i am 100% certain have my best interests at heart, with me the same for them.

me & michelle –  we’re sisters, but also best friends (she can borrow the coach bags).  it’s an amazing thing that after hating (such a strong word) each other as adolescents and bickering every chance we’ve had, we’ve been able to maintain our relationship, despite many (many, many, many) ups & downs.

we’ve bonded over caring for our mother and more so over silly monkey.  and now, with my divorce (which, i swear, i will soon stop talking about b/c it’s annoying, i know), she’s kept me company and i have yet to feel lonely.  she & silly monkey have a pretty amazing bond, as well.  i really wouldn’t have it any other way (except to include my mom).

we have an understanding.  she can use my house & my computer and eat my food, in exchange for a shoulder to lean on & an ear to listen.  and this past month, i’ve really needed that.  i’ve wanted it.  and it’s helped me tremendously.

but last night, something happened to help me solidify why michelle is one of my best people.

i get home from work, to be greeted by michelle, in the kitchen… wait for it… COOKING!  OMG!  i’ve NEVER come home from work with dinner waiting for me.  granted, the pot roast had been cooking for 2 days (don’t ask), but still!  dinner.  for me.  and i didn’t have to do a thing (ok, so i did have to clean up after her, but seriously, still an awesome trade off).

and then we played one hand of phase 10, which lasted 2 1/2 hours.  who else would EVER do that with me?  who else would ever WANT to do that with me?

my sister and my brother mean the world to me.  aside from silly monkey, these two are the ones i worry about and love most.  i know i always will.

just a few months before my mom passed away, we were out shopping (it was a good day).  she grabbed my hand, held it tightly, and said “you have to take care of them.  promise you will take care of them.”  i asked her who would take care of me, to which she replied “you will be ok.  they need you.”  through tears, i made her that promise.  a promise i will keep until my very last breath.

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