Posted on April 13, 2008


it’s always a game of chance if silly monkey goes to bed without a poopie. sometimes he’ll wait til morning to bust it out and sometimes, like last night, he lets it go before i have the opportunity to get to him.

this am, i walked into a pretty raunchy smelling room. silly monkey was crying, telling me “oh no, messy. dirrrty” – and he was right. on his hands, on his belly, on the sheets, on his blanket. it was nasty. i calmed him down by dumping him into the tub and throwing in LOTS of yummy smelling bubbles (of course, after I cleaned off his booty & such).

cleaning up his bed was vomit inducing, but it’s done and clean and all is right in the world. i suppose we’ll hold off on the ice cream before bed. us lactose intolerants (no matter how mild), just can’t hold in the bubble guts all night.

nap time was better. he awoke and told me “mommy, look. no messy. no dirty.” he sure is a smarty pants.

ps.  skipping the ice cream and just having cones ended up being very popular.

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