Posted on April 15, 2008


mich and i had a very serious discussion last night regarding eating habits…

1.  if you eat eggs and toast at 4pm, is that breakfast or dinner?  or late lunch?  or a snack?

2.  if you have spaghetti at 530pm, is that dinner?  or since you just ate eggs at 4pm, is that dessert?  or would that be a snack?  or is it a second dinner?

3.  if you have ice cream after your 4pm eggs and 530pm spaghetti, is that a second dessert or just a snack?

4.  if after all that, you have a grilled cheese at 9pm, is that a third dinner?  or is just another snack?

5.  suppose at 11pm, you had some more spaghetti – that would be a fourth dinner right?  or if the grilled cheese was a third dinner, would the spaghetti be a second dessert? 

it’s all so very confusing.  i say the eggs are a late lunch, spaghetti #1 is dinner, ice cream is dessert, grilled cheese is dinner #2 and spaghetti, again, is dinner #3 (we all have to keep in mind that she also ate 2 pieces of cheese somewhere in between spaghetti #1 and grilled cheese). 

according to wikipedia…

Breakfast is usually eaten within an hour or two after a person wakes up in the morning.  Brunch is a late-morning meal, usually larger than a breakfast & usually replacing both breakfast & lunch.  Lunch is a midday meal.  Dinner can be at any time of the afternoon or evening and usually denotes the main meal of the day; sometimes it is at lunchtime and sometimes at suppertime.  Supper is usually an evening meal.

so, if we put this back in perspective:

breakfast is out b/c it was not eaten within 2 hours of waking up (well, i could be wrong, but let’s assume she woke up at noon).  so, we’ll assume that the 4pm eggs were brunch.  since midday is usually around 3pm, the eggs could also be lunch, but they are definitely NOT dinner. 

so, the 530pm spaghetti would be dinner.  then comes the ice cream, which is most definitely a snack (or dessert).  then comes the grilled cheese, which i would have to classify as dinner, again – dinner #2 b/c it is NOT dessert and supper is pretty much the same thing as dinner and most people don’t eat dinner AND supper (most).  this means that the repeat spaghetti would also be dinner – dinner #3.  right? 

ok, let’s check back with wikipedia…

A meal is different from a snack in that meals are larger and more filling, while snacks are more likely to be small, high-calorie affairs; however, any food eaten in small amounts at an unscheduled time can be classified as a snack.

well, poo.  i guess that grilled cheese could be a snack.  so that means…

eggs = brunch
spaghetti = dinner
ice cream = dessert/snack
grilled cheese = snack
spaghetti = dinner #2

crap… what was the point of this post?  oh yea, my sister ate THREE meals and TWO snacks after 4pm and is STILL a size 0.  how fair is that?




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