Posted on April 17, 2008


at this exact moment, two years ago, i met the one person i had waited my entire life to meet.  my silly monkey.  and today, at this very moment, he turns two years old.

it’s so cliche to say that time goes by so fast, that babies grow up within a blink of the eye, that you better cherish them when they’re little b/c they don’t stay little long – but, it is so ridiculously true.  In two short years, silly monkey has gone from fussy infant to moody toddler – and i have loved and am loving every single moment.  he has made my life what it is – fabulously full of love…

i always wanted to have kids (and if you read recent past posts, you’ll know i really do want more, even if i know it may never happen).  growing up, i always knew i would have them… someday.  i wasn’t in a rush b/c i figured when it happened it would be right and it would be amazing.

i tend to lean to the selfish side, or i did tend to lean that way.  i have a collection of designer shoes and purses that would make a imelda marcos blush.  i like fabulous hair, frequent mani/pedis, the best all natural makeup and i pay to have it.  a year or so before i had silly monkey, i wasn’t sure i was ready to give it all up.  during my pregnancy i cursed my adult acne and inability to use anything with salicylic acid.  up to the day he was born, i shivered at the thought that my feet wouldn’t shrink back to normal & fit into all of my shoes (oh, the horror – but THEY DID!).  but the moment i met him, that danyelle went out the window.

sure, i still have a designer shoe & purse fetish, but it has significantly calmed – only one new bag and one new pair of shoes in almost a year (and the bag was a gift) and until tuesday, i hadn’t had my hair done since last mother’s day (thank goodness for the ponytail).  instead, i have turned everything over to silly monkey – the puma shoes!  the gap jeans!  the american apparel tshirts!  he gets it all, he gets everything!!  but most of all, he gets credit for turning me from a selfish, materialistic person to a giving, loving and happy person.

on this day, last year, we celebrated silly monkey’s first birthday – the only birthday he would ever spend with my mom (aside from his actual birth day).  i have photos of the two of them giggling.  i have photos of him holding her face.  and i have photos of her looking at him like it was the last time she ever would.  i am so grateful for all of it, even though my heart aches at thoughts of those moments.  this morning, i stared at him sleeping (for 8 minutes) until he woke up.  i couldn’t stop those thoughts running through my mind – especially of how much she would love him now.

it’s been a hard year, longer really, but silly monkey was the one constant that held us all together.  he kept my mom alive for well over the time her doctor’s predicted.  he kept michelle sane.  he kept joshua laughing.  and most of all, he kept me believing that something great will always exist and love, well, love really can be unconditional.


happy birthday, silly monkey.  i love you.

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