Posted on April 21, 2008


i was so anxious. after decorating until 230am friday and not getting to sleep until after 330am, i still couldn’t manage to stay in bed & asleep past 9am. it was killing me to have to wait until 430pm for the party to start. i was so excited for silly monkey to be excited.

everything went off without a hitch. silly monkey made out better than he did for xmas, which was partly my fault b/c not only did i spend WAY too much on the actual party, i couldn’t remember what i purchased to give him as gifts, so i just kept buying things. it wasn’t until my sister brought the wrapped loot over that i realized, wow, the boy sure is spoiled. but quite frankly, all i can say is… IT WAS SO ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!! so there!

silly monkey lost interest in unwrapping gifts about 1/4 of the way in, so i recruited some of the other kids to help. all in all, he got some awesomely rad stuff –

* a trike
* 2 folding tables with chairs
* a train set
* TONS, TONS, TONS of disney/pixar cars & accessories (if i listed them, this post would never end)
* clothes (which he promptly threw to the side)
* 3 bubble blowers
* 2 power tools (kid friendly, of course)


it was an afternoon full of noise and cupcakes and wrapping paper. and although i felt frazzled about the time getting away from me, i loved every moment. i had a super day on saturday and silly monkey had a super duper day on saturday. isn’t that all that really matters?!