Posted on April 23, 2008


i’ve been in an exceptionally good mood for… a while.  is this a sign of good things to come?  or is this an omen? 

my mom always said bad things come in threes.  but what time period constitutes these clusters?  a lifetime?  6 months?  let’s make a list…

* lost first baby (april 2005) (however, if i ididn’t lose baby #1, i probably wouldn’t have had baby#2 and we all know where this one is headed, so perhaps this one isn’t as bad as i originally thought even though it is horrible and wretched and sucks major)
* got married hehe
* i lost my mom to brain cancer (aug 2007)
 * my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer (nov 2007)
* quit my job b/c we were moving, but we didn’t move and i sort of still can work here, so perhaps this one doesn’t count
* i separated from “m” (feb 2008.) (i had to put a dot there b/c if i don’t, it converts it into a joe cool smiley face, which i actually think is pretty darn funny, but so not appropriate right now)

hmmm… i think that might be it (not that “it” is really “it” b/c all of the above sucks more than anything i have ever imagined and is certainly ENOUGH).  so…

maybe my mom was right about the three’s & this is why things seem to be brighter.  or maybe it’s just the fact that i’ve been 80% less stressed out, 80% less worried and 100% less sad. or maybe it’s b/c i finally realized that life IS short. 

the days are bright.  my son is perfect.  my hair looks cute today.  my mom was totally right.

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