Posted on April 25, 2008


i wish i had a backyard.  with a fence.  and a playground.  and a concession stand – with a STAFF…

these days, i don’t get as much time to spend with silly monkey as i would like.  though, every day all day wouldn’t seem to be enough time.  since the weather’s been pretty nice (today excluded), i’ve been taking him to the park an awful lot.  and if we can’t get to the park b/c he comes home too close to bedtime, we play outside with chalk & bubbles & dirt/mulch/grass.

if only i had the park in my backyard.

i found myself driving through a pretty nice neighborhood yesterday, admiring all of the houses with yards & fences & swing sets, oh my.  i kept thinking… hmmm.. maybe i should sell my condo and buy a (modest) home with a yard & a fence and get some burly man to put up a swing set.  and then dex can run around without a leash and be all happy to get some doggy exercise.  ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED!  but then…

who is going to buy a condo with no yard?

i suppose we’ll stick to the park.  and chalk & bubbles & dirt/mulch/grass.  poo.

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