Posted on April 28, 2008


i got a ceiling fan.  2 actually.  i figured that i could invest in some fans (which was a surprisingly small investment) and save in the long run.  i even got excited that you can reverse the way the fan goes so it works in the winter… something about upward & downward air.  whatever. 

so i got the ceiling fans and since i was feeling ambitious, i popped off the rough-in caps and tried to give it a go.  well…

first, i’m too dang short to get a good grip on the mounting bracket and hold the screws in the holes and screw it all in.  two, i couldn’t figure out what screws to put in what holes and if the holes there were even the holes to put the screws in.  three, chunks of the ceiling were falling in my hair.  four, i started sweating.  five… i gave up and went across the street to get my neighbor.  and when that didn’t work, i went next door to get my other neighbor.  so…

needless to say, they still aren’t up and i think i may have to bribe (with homemade lasagna) my OTHER neighbor into installing them for me.  he did say he would when he stopped over the check on us last night (power went out right in the middle of the bb9 finale* – HATEHATEHATE) and since he put his up, he knows where them friggin’ screws go. 

on another note… for the second time in the past week, my power went out.  not just MY power either (i may be poor now, but i still pay my bills).  right in the middle of the bb9 finale, everything went DARK.  i was livid.  i know, i know, it’s a stupid reality tv show, however, i have invested the past few months of my precious time watching these loser individuals lay around, run around, sit around and embarrass themselves.  at the very least, i wanted to see who would be better served with being sent to rehab, as opposed to being awarded a big bundle of hundred thousand dollar bills (yes, i know).  in the end, the winner was the loser who made a derogatory comment about austistic kids b/c he said he would donate to them over the 27 year old college student from, right HERE – columbus, who did not win b/c he danced around questions and no one liked his girlfriend. 

bb9 – a ludicrous waste of time, but oh so entertaining. 

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