Posted on April 30, 2008


there a few things i will always be (loud, blunt, sassy) and a few that i resent being (moody, loud, blunt) and even more that i will never be…

* alone.  i have my silly monkey.  and by the time silly monkey decides to fly the coop, i’ll probably have some loser to occupy my time.  or if i’m lucky, a loser with money.  or if i’m really lucky, a loser that doesn’t live with his mommy.

* content.  i have standards.  i have morals.  being content with what you have and what you are, well, that’s being content with never having more and never being more.  i will always be more (and want more, for that matter).  satisfied?  happy?  ah, happy – that i will be (and am).

* an afterthought.

* foolish or careless with my own feelings (again).  and why should i be?  i have “m” to do that for me.

* handy.  see previous post.

* a size 2.  or 4, for that matter.  poo.

* sheltered.  i know too much, am too much and love too much to allow myself to be so guarded that i lose sight of what is around me.  i am independent and am a better me for it.

* a blonde.

* a world traveler.  i like home.  in fact, i like home in a ridiculous way.  vacations are great, for a short time.  i like culture and seeing things i was probably never meant to see, but i love the familiar.

* a professional snorkeler.  i almost drowned the first time i ever snorkeled.  enough said.

* selfish.  unless it’s with my love.  silly monkey gets it all.  for now.

* a liar.  never have been.  never will be.  i will also never be OK with liars or lying, cheaters or cheating and more stuff that ends in “ing” or “rs”.

i suppose that about sums it up.  in a nutshell, i’m exhausted with dealing with other people’s neurosis, even mine.  so… i hereby declare that i no longer care about what you want to share (unless it’s gossip – i always have time for gossip).

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