Posted on May 6, 2008


i’m busy.  so very busy.  in fact, i am so busy that i make a sandwich at home to bring to work for lunch and end up buying breakfast from the vending machine, not to mention an afternoon snack b/c i didn’t pack anything except a sandwich from home and who in the heck eats JUST a sandwich for lunch?  so…

i’m now addicted to “take 5” candy pretzel peanut butter chocolate thingies.  my gawd.  so good.

it’s not like i don’t go to the grocery.  i do.  every week.  i load up on healthful goodness for silly monkey and myself (and even mich) and make fabulous dinners (ie.  stuffed shells, turkey burgers, balsamic glazed chicken, etc), but never have enough left over to bring for lunch.  because of this, i always make a sandwich and bring it to work with maybe some soup or popcorn or whatnot.  but lately, i’ve been forgetting the “side” and only bringing the sandwich and ending up with a horrible grumbly pooh bear tummy around 230pm.  so… hi, “take 5” – you come here often?

it’s bad.  not every day bad.  but bad nonetheless.  i can’t blame the fat on the baby anymore b/c the baby isn’t really a baby (and chasing after a toddler should make the fat go away, right?).  i now blame the fat for the fat, or more specifically the “take 5” for the fat.

which leads me to my latest breakup.  i had to do it.  so goodbye “take 5”.  i hope you have a very nice comfy life in that vending machine.  actually, i’d prefer it you were purchased by some other candy obsessed schmuck so i won’t have to see you… ever… again.

on another note…

we’ve been a bit lackadaisical on the potty training.  sure, silly monkey peed in the potty ONCE (and it was an extra special amazingly fantastic ONCE), but he’s taken to using the potty seat as a step stool to get into the tub b/c hey, BUBBLES!!!  he does tell me when he toots – he grabs his booty and says “see my butt”, to which i respond “where’s your butt”, to which he responds by poking his rear and saying “right here’s my butt”.  i’m not sure where that came from, but it’s quite comical as long as his poking stays on TOP of the diaper.  i’ll ask him if he poopied and either get a “no poopie” or an “i poopie”.  sometimes each one means the other, but whatever.

i know he’ll do it more when he’s ready and i’m really in no hurry (diapers are on sale this week).  there are so many changes in his life right now (big boy bed, the divorce, my new green walls, the weather, etc), that i just want him to be ready when he’s ready AND willing.  until then, pampers and i will remain good friends.

i did see these things at, which are supposed to help with the whole potty training issue.  however, i’m not sure i want silly monkey to snuggle with turds and urine, even if they are plush and have googly eyes.  what’s next?  a real mr. hanky compatible with mr. potato head parts?

no thanks.  or as silly monkey says, “hands off”.