Posted on May 8, 2008


some strange things i learned last night (at…

In Texas, it’s against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession.  

In Texas, it is illegal to raise alligators in your home.  

In Illinois, a car must be driven with the steering wheel.  

In Tennessee, a woman is not to drive a car unless a man warns approaching motorists or pedestrians by walking in front of the car that is being driven.  

In Tennessee, it is against the law to drive a car while sleeping.  

In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile.  

In West Virginia, only babies can ride in a baby carriage.  

In Georgia, it is against the law to slap a man on the back or front.  

In Oklahoma, no baseball team can hit the ball over the fence or out of a ballpark.  

In Michigan, anyone bathing in public must have the bathing suit inspected by a police officer.  

In Kentucky, it’s the law that a person must take a bath once a year. 

In Utah, birds have the right of way on any public highway. 

In Ohio, one must have a license to keep a bear. 

In Tennessee, a law exists which prohibits the sale of bologna (sandwich meat) on Sunday. 

In Rhode Island, it is against the law to jump off a bridge. 

In Florida, it is against the law to put livestock on a school bus. 

In North Carolina, it is against the law for dogs and cats to fight. 

In Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum.  

In Virginia, chickens cannot lay eggs before 8:00 a.m., and must be done before 4:00 p.m.  

In Massachusetts, it is against the law to put tomatoes in clam chowder.  

In Washington, you can’t carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length.  

In San Francisco, there is an ordinance, which bans the picking up and throwing of used confetti.  

In Michigan, married couples must live together or be imprisoned.  

In California, it is illegal to wiggle while dancing.  

In Utah, daylight must be visible between dancing couples.  

In North Carolina, it is against the law for a rabbit to race down the street.  

In Georgia, it’s against the law to spread a false rumor.  

In Missouri, a man must have a permit to shave.

i would further comment, but i don’t feel like it. 

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