Posted on May 12, 2008


I TOTALLY GOT MARRIED (again) ON FRIDAY!!! i have the photo to prove it. gosh, he really is dreamy…

ok, but seriously, oh how i wish.

mich and i decided we HAD to see “made of honor” and then we decided “made of honor” was possibly the worst movie ever… until we saw “over her dead body”. in the span of 2 days, we managed to watch 2 of the most horribly horrible movies. so sad.

let’s start with “made of honor”, which has a premise like “my best friend’s wedding” (which i also hated), only in reverse. patrick dempsey falls for talkslikeshehasrocksinhermouth michelle monaghan, his best friend of 10 years. hilarity ensues (not) and you can guess the rest. it did have some comical parts and mcdreamy is oh so dreamy, but in the end – TERRIBLE!!! not only was it predictable, it was completely unrealistic, even in fairy tale ending land. and since when did breaking up weddings become so blase & acceptable?! ugh.

after wasting $15, we decided to watch “over her dead body” starring (a term i use loosely) eva longoria, paul rudd (loved him in clueless, seriously LOVED him) and that weird looking chick that’s dating colin farrell (lake something or other) on ppv. anyway, pretty predictable and just NOT funny. i don’t think i laughed once during the movie and only started laughing after the movie was over, which wasn’t b/c the movie was funny but b/c it was so awfully bad that it was humorous that i actually sat through the entire thing. the point of the movie, i suppose, is letting go and moving on. no real lesson learned though, so skip this one. seriously.

all in all, it was nice to get out and spend some quality time with mich. and since i married patrick dempsey, i’d say it was fabulous (plus, i look super skinny in my wedding photos – ha!).

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