Posted on May 13, 2008


yep, i do movie reviews and now beauty reviews.  you know you love it.

black raspberry vanilla anti-bacterial moisturizing hand soap
bath & body works currently 5 for $10

so yummy, so soft – i am absolutely loving this stuff.  i wash my hands like i have ocd (probably about 20 times per day, if not more, but i don’t have ocd, i swear i don’t have ocd, oh and did i mention i do not have ocd?!).  this soap doubles as hand cream and it works wonders.  the scent is soooo lovely.  makes me smell like ice cream, er sorbet, er whatever – it smells amazing.  and it’s ridiculously cheap.  i don’t even think you can buy dial for $2 (dial smells funny, anyway).  tip:  always buy it when it’s on sale or you’re stuck paying $5 for one.  having someone with a discount to buy it for you (as a gift, of course) makes it an even better purchase.

everyday minerals ( mineral makeup
custom kits starting at $32

kits include at least 6 of the following:
brushes, foundations, blushes/face colors, concealers, eye colors, finishing powders, lip colors

i am love with this makeup.  mich introduced it to me when i was pregnant with silly monkeyand experiencing some kind of time warp back to my teenage skin years.  since i wasn’t permitted to use anything with salicylic acid, my face was, well, not pretty (pun intended).  so, i opted for trying the natural route.

this stuff is light, with a build-able base that can take it up to full coverage.  the powder is creamy, if you can believe it, and requires little buffing (unlike bare minerals, which requires an electric buffer to get the crap blended – no offense to bm users, i just didn’t like it).  concealers really conceal, especially those under eye circles (peach & multi-tasking rock) and foundations really are a foundation, with quite a silky finish.  the bronzers are also very natural.

after the initial “getting used to”, i find mineral makeup goes on better and quicker.  and while they are messier (my vanity has seen better days), it’s easy to wipe up and does NOT stain.  try it (a sample kit is available for FREE).  you will totally love it!

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