Posted on May 17, 2008


i saw an old friend last night.  from what i remember, he was a very good friend to me.  in fact, in high school, i had a little crush on him.  at the time i had a horrible boyfriend and perhaps never acted on it b/c 1.  i was 16 and 2.  i was afraid of the boyfriend (that’s a completely different story, we’ll save it for later).  but that really is beside my point.  it’s been nearly 11 years since i last saw him, though we’ve kept in touch on myspace for the past year or so.

if you know me, you know i’m a sort of homebody.  I like home.  i like to relax (or not relax depending on silly monkey‘s mood) and be in familiar surroundings without the trappings of crazyloud people (myself and child are the exception).  and i know that to maintain sanity and be a “grown up”, i need to get out more (movies excluded, as well).

so, i went out…

and i had FUN!  earlier in the day, i was feeling down with thoughts of my missing my mom and all that goes along with it.  but i had made plans to see this someone and really, really wanted to see this someone.  so i did.  and we played skeeball & pool & pinball & arcade games for hours – things i wanted to do, things i thought would be fun, things that came with no argument, just agreement.  and i had FUN!

it was also nice to be around someone unfamiliar, yet familiar.  strange to be out and away, but never be at a loss for words.  happy to be in a completely un-awkward atmosphere, even if there was an almost 11 year gap between meetings.  comforted to have new conversations, new adult conversations.  and super excited to have spanked him in skeeball and virtual bowling!!

and that’s that.  i suppose you could say i lost my social virginity.  and i had FUN!

it’s proof that there are good people in my life (that aren’t family).  and now i have two men to vent to and talk to and get assvice (not a typo) from.  my life is changing and i am so happy to have these open-minded and fun people to share it with.

so… eddie and mason, this post is for you.

ps to eddie –  thanks for the crown and wand.

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