Posted on May 19, 2008


yea, yea, i’ve said it before – my time with silly monkey is now limited for obvious reasons and i hate it.  but the time i do spend with him is so extremely cherished.

last night, we laid in my bed for a while watching “the incredibles”.  he has seen it once or twice, courtesy of my mom’s old dvd copy, but it was on abc family channel so we tuned in.  at each commercial, he would say “mommy, increbidles go byebye” and he would hop off the bed to play with his cars.  when it returned, he would climb back up, snuggle with me and tell me “here’s increbidles again”.  each and every time it made my heart happy.

his ability to pick things up is simply amazing (perhaps, annoying to those who don’t have children, don’t want children or are sick of me talking about mine).  he now knows just about all of his body parts (just don’t ask him to show you his hair  right after he shows you his head b/c he gets a bit confused), including:  knees, elbows and nipples (yes, NIPPLES).  when i gave him a piece of cheese (sharp cheddar, yum), which i broke in half, he told me “mommy, i has two cheese”.  at bedtime, he even reads his books to me (repeats, but whatever).  he’s a smart cookie, which he, of course, gets from me.

he really is the joy of my life.  i’m not sure i could have or would have gotten through these past couple years without him.  he makes me thankful that i wake up in the morning and even more grateful that i have no energy at bedtime so i can finally get some much needed sleep.

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