Posted on May 21, 2008


d:  good morning, silly monkey.
c:  no! go night night.
d:  come in mommy’s room when you’re ready, ok?
c:  no.  mommy lay down. lay down here **points to his bed**
d:  mommy has to get ready for work.  come in mommy’s room when you’re ready.
c:  no.  mommy, no mommy work.  noooooooooooooo!
d:  mommy has to work so she can buy you cars & trains.  are you ready to get up?
c:  no. m-o-m-m-y l-a-y d-o-w-n here! **points to his bed**

10 minutes later

c:  mommy.  toon toons.  spunshbob.  padrick.  please.
d:  how about curious george?
c:  no!  spunshbob.  toon toons on.  toon toons on!

10 minutes later

c:  downstairs.  go downstairs. move, mommy.
d:  let’s turn the lights off.
c:  no.  i do it!!  gimmee.
d:  i don’t like that word.

5 minutes later

c:  cake cakes.  i want cake cakes.  gimmee that!  gimmee that!!!
d:  i don’t like that word.  can  you say “may i have cake cakes, please”?
c:  no.