Posted on May 21, 2008


people keep telling me i look different. better, different. happier, different. different all together different. and apparently the change happened over the past few months. (and perhaps it’s b/c they didn’t see me on sunday after i decided i didn’t NEED to shower on saturday and COULDN’T shower on sunday until 2pm when silly monkey was napping and i was done had given up cleaning.)

i know i’ve said i feel better. less stress and all that jazz, but i really do FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! maybe the new singleton status makes me feel like i need to put more effort into myself (but wouldn’t that only be true if i was actually IN the market and not just ON the market?). whatever it is… it’s fabulous.

ps. someone please get me a singing chicken for my birthday. or a singing monkey. a hot guy in the costume would be even better. just make sure it’s not a clown. nothing scarier than a clown. except a clown with a bird on it’s head. oh, and happy birthday, ph!!