Posted on May 21, 2008


about 3 years ago, my dog, dexter, got sick. not just goddy (typo, but i’m leaving it) vomit here & there, but sicksicksick sick.

i remember the day clearly. i was almost 5 months pregnant with silly monkey, with it being 7 months after i had lost the first baby. i was panicked. the vet couldn’t see him until the next am (mind you, it was about 7pm in the evening) and i was certain he wouldn’t make it through the night. my only option was to rush him to the animal ER…

i asked M to take me, but he refused. he told me it wasn’t his responsibility to handle my dog and just sat & stared at the tv, while he muttered something about “killing the mutt”.

i called my sister – no answer.

i called my brother and left a message, a veryveryvery panicked message…

“it’s me (crying hysterically). something’s wrong. something’s wrong. call me back right now!”

i asked M again to take me & dex to the vet. he refused… again.

i tried my sister, again…”daskhdasfasgfdgffghdfufhsab wahwahwah, something’s wrong, wahwahwah!!!” she started freaking out. her exact words were, “oh my god, something’s wrong with the baby?!” to which i replied, “NO! it’s dexter. there’s something wrong with dexter!!” (she not so quietly told me i should have specified such.)

just then, my brother pulled into my driveway and whisked us away to the animal ER (he, too, told me i should have specified there was something wrong with the DOG). it was then, there and nearly $3000 later that i learned that dexter had addison’s disease – a fatal if not treated disease. i was right. he would NOT have made it through the night.

that was 3 years ago. dex is doing great with his ‘roids and injections. he’s a happy people loving overweight overfriendly dog. i have no savings b/c of it. i wouldn’t have it any other way. there was and is no reason for him to suffer.

so why tell this story… again, after all this time? it’s b/c some days, some moments, i need a little reminder as to why i should be just fine with being single or more specifically, without M.  knowing i was with a man who couldn’t care less about something i absolutely adore… well, that’s a man worth being single for, a man worth being without.

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