Posted on May 28, 2008


our trip went off without a hitch, sort of.  we left home at about 9pm (which was supposed to be 7pm, then 8pm, then…) and got a good start after stopping for some fast food.  silly monkey finally fell asleep a little after 10pm but awoke shrieking at about 1am.  the poor thing was freaked!  we stopped, i calmed him down and all was quiet until 6am when he decided now was a good time to be up and poop and scream for chocolate.

we arrived in the boston area at about 10am, exhausted & greasy & with bubble guts (mcdonalds for 3 meals will do that to you).

the drive home wasn’t as forgiving.  a late start and a pit stop in new hampshire had us about an hour out… from where we started.  no biggie, but we almost got lost and yea, almost.  we stopped for dinner at about 7pm, where silly monkey repeatedly told me “poopy coming” in the midst of whimpers.  in and out of his car seat three times produced no poop so i finally gave up and buckled him back in.  cut to poop.  literally.  “mommy, silly monkey poopy”.  thanks.  it was after 8pm by the time we got back on the road, no thanks to mich’s desire for a powdered vanilla kreme filled donut from dunkin’ donuts, which i obliged her with after a 25 minute wait in the line (the things i do for those i love).

joshua takes the wheel, back on the road, silly monkey falls asleep, i close my eyes (FINALLY!) and OMG…


d:  omg, did you just fall asleep?!!!
j:  no, i almost hit a deer!!!
d:  what?!
j:  i almost clipped a deer’s ass!

the rest of the drive was pretty uneventful.

we arrived home at about 5am to a bunch of crap all over the carpet.  YES!  dog crap.  dexter had gotten sick and was running around the living room pooping everywhere (why oh why was he not in his cage?!)!!!  and that’s why, at 5am, i was steam cleaning my carpets.  and THAT’S why i NEVER go anywhere!!!  and ALL OF THIS is why we are THE POOP FAMILY.

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