Posted on May 28, 2008


these are silly monkey’s cups…

of the above, these are the cups that are safe for him to use…

yea. that’s what i said.

anyway, i’ve been a bit paranoid about all of the BPA (bisphenol a is an organic compound. containing two phenol functional groups, it is a dysfunctional building block to several important polymers and polymer additives. bisphenol a has become controversial because it mimics estrogen and thus could induce hormonal responses.) info in the news. it especially hit the baby bottle, cup, dish market hard. and now, i’m freaked b/c i wikipedia’d it (the above definition is from wikipedia) and this is part of what i found…

in animals, selected studies have shown the following issues in animals who have been exposed to low doses of BPA: permanent changes in genital tracts, changes in breast tissue that predispose cells to hormones and carcinogens, increased prostate weight, lower body weight , increase of anogenital distance, signs of early puberty and longer estrus, decline in testosterone, breast cells predisposed to cancer, prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer, decreased maternal behaviors, and it reversed normal sex differences in brain structure and behavior.

in 1998, the epa set guidelines for human exposure, but to date, the use has not been banned.

my major concern is the effect it will have on silly monkey. he was nursed with avent bottles (don’t judge me) and they contain the highest level of bpa of any baby bottle on the market, according to recent studies. his only sippy cups are produced by nuby, which is a company that continues to believe bpa is safe (in fact, their cups are also still available). i figure, it’s better to be paranoid than sorry… right?

a few days ago, i read an article on babycheapskate and freebiesformom that stated select babiesrus stores were offering store credit in exchange for bottles containing bpa. i called my local babiesrus and they were honoring the exchange (in my case, a $98 exchange on nearly all of my hard plastic, bpa containing avent items).

i checked our collection of deathtrapcups to get rid of them and realized we did have ONE non-BPA sippy…

and yea, it is pink. we can so NOT have that. i have now stocked up on SAFE cups (which i researched the crap out of before heading to the store).

these are the new cups i chose (times 3, literally), based on a post listing the “safe” plastic on the market ( i REALLY wanted the born free cups, but they’ve been out of stock for weeks. i was also interested in the thermos foogo straw cup, but they were out of that as well. and too bad babiesrus does not carry the safe sippy from kid basix b/c that thing looks seriously rad! i did, however, walk out feeling good about being able to prevent any more harm to my silly monkey (if he was in harm to begin with). i also felt pretty good walking out with a major box of diapers that was allowed in my bottle trade.

kudos to babiesrus for this offering. bravo to babiesrus for caring!