Posted on June 3, 2008


What is your best friend’s Dad’s name?
she doesn’t have one worth mentioning.

What body part do you hate?
feet – his, yours, mine, everyone’s

When showering, what body part do you wash first?
my face (or else my mascara runs all over the place and we just can’t have that)

Do you have any piercings?
yes, ears.

Is your driveway steep?
i don’t have a driveway.  something about it not being necessary if there is no garage.

What’s your favorite flavored Pringles?
the regular kind, i suppose.  haven’t had pringles in a LONG time.

Have you ever had two dates in one night?
hmmm… no.

Which shoe do you put on first?
the one i pick up first.  and sometimes **tada** i put them both on at the same time!

How old are you?
old enough to know better.

Is there one thing all of your love interests have had in common?
they were ALL liars & cheaters.

Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?
nope.  and i never will.

Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep?
silly monkey… my mom… zzzzzzZZZzzz

Have you ever had a song written about you?
yes, i have.  awww… sweet, eh?  (i say NO b/c he was a liar & a cheater!!!)

If you had to choose to never wash your bed sheets again or your bath towel, which one would it be?
if i HAD to choose… towel.  they’re cheaper and i would certainly be buying new ones frequently.

Have you ever found anything in your parents’ bedroom that was questionable?
notepads from an adoption support organization.

What was your childhood nickname?
danyelle, dani (by a select few loved people)

What’s the weirdest thing you have done while driving?
i do nothing weird when driving.  that’s unsafe and i have a child to think about (and not enough life insurance).

How do you normally eat your Oreo cookies?
with my mouth

Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others?
dance around in my undies.  cellulite and lack of rhythm are not attractive enough to share.

How many drinks does it take before you get drunk?
5… sips.

Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?
scrunch.  it’s quicker.  and wiping does not require perfectionism.

Do you have any strange hobbies?
i regularly click through icanhascheezburger.com.  it’s a vice.  it makes me laugh.  don’t judge me.

Do you have any strange phobias?
i have a fear of being on a bridge when it collapses (or if?).  i also fear being buried alive.  but, aren’t all phobias strange?

Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?
nope, only my ear.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done at a bar?
besides going to a bar?