Posted on June 21, 2008


fact or fiction?

she was barely an adult when she met him. he was tall. very tall. that was the first thought she had about him. he was tall.

they went to dinner and had amazing conversation. no dull moments, no awkward moments. he told her how he had a difficult upbringing, wasn’t particularly close to any of his family, and his roommate had recently moved out (that day, in fact, which is why he was late picking her up). she was smitten. so was he.

it was late on a sunday and since, back then, everything had closed early, they rented a movie and headed back to his place. there, she found, was her first sign to run…

his “former roommate” (FR) was there. having broken into his apartment (or so he said), there FR was sitting on his couch. with his best friend. nearly sobbing.

that was her first encounter with FR. and not the last, as FR wasn’t just his former roommate, she was his ex girlfriend. the ex girlfriend that had just moved out that afternoon. the ex girlfriend that he had just broken up with.