Posted on June 23, 2008


i attended a baby shower yesterday.  except that it was more of a pinkeverywheregettogether, as opposed to a roomfullofwomen (run and hide from all of the estrogen).  it was fun.  but i also felt sad.

the majority of those attending were couples.  my “plus 1” was silly monkey (or michelle, but whatever).  all of the cute cuddly pink baby things made my tummy hurt.  i really do ache sometimes thinking about the prospect of never having more children.  and not just b/c i’m single.  but b/c even if i do happen to ever become part of the coupled population again, more babies for me may never be.  (how sick of this topic are you?  soon, i tell you, soon i will shut up about it.  i promise.  maybe.  someday.)

anyway, i am so super duper happy for mandie & will!  (not only are they an adorable & happy married couple) they’re going to have the baby girl they’ve always dreamed of.

and me?

i’m going to have another piece of cheesecake.

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