Posted on June 27, 2008


i was informed today, at work, that i better be careful…

(paraphrasing) – since our downstairs neighbors are doing construction and keep the doors unlocked at all hours of the day, the homeless from the abandoned buildings behind us are camping out there – in closets, old cubicles, and perhaps the bathrooms.  we actually care about you (now), so take your keycard with you to lunch b/c you won’t be allowed back in without it.  oh, and i think we got all of the homeless peeps out.  and, we still aren’t providing security.


it’s bad enough that the whole street behind us in under construction that i have to drive over 80 pounds of gravel and old nails & screws, but now i have to worry about being mugged just by coming to work?  i mean, really, that combined with the cost of gas… it’s cheaper to stay home.

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