Posted on June 30, 2008


i’m sitting here eating swiss chocolate that my dad brought from SWITZERLAND (so, yea, real swiss chocolate!) thinking that it’s not really all that great and seriously lacking the full on cocoa flavor.  on saturday, when silly monkey was eating some, i swore it had peanut butter in it.  it doesn’t.  what kind of weirdo swears chocolate is peanut butter filled when it isn’t?  it’s doesn’t even have a peanut butter taste.  and it cost 2.5 swiss francs for less than 1 oz?!   yes, i know.  i need help…

silly monkey LOVES chocolate.  i’m glad that he’s pretty much good with m&ms and regular ol’ hershey bars, b/c if i HAD to buy him lake champlain chocolates, not only would i be broker than broke, but i’d be fatter than fat (seriously, those are THE BEST truffles known to woman!)and covered in more acne than a 14 year old boy.  not that buying lake champlain chocolates would be much of a punishment though b/c like i said – best truffles ever! (do you think if i talk more about these truffles, lake champlain will send me some free chocolate?!)

we are also fans of chocolate mighty milk.  since it’s being discontinued sometime in the foreseeable future, i snapped up pretty nice supply of it from  anyway, since all silly monkey eats is chocolate (not seriously, don’t get all judge-y on me), he drinks mighty milk to supplement some protein into his diet.  it helps more-so that it has VERY little sugar in it – to counteract the chocolate, of course.  i like it, too, mixed with some soy milk (meijer makes an amazingly yummy organic soy milk) – though i’ve kind of moved on to adding regular ol’ soy protein to my soy milk & berry smoothies. 

wait… where was i?

so, yea. 

i just posted a blog about chocolate.  and soy milk.

oh my.

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