Posted on June 30, 2008


having never been a denise richards fan (though, in her defense, i’ve never been a james bond, wild things or playboy fan), i was skeptical about her new “reality” show (as i really am with all “reality” tv anyway).  mich REALLY wanted to watch it, so i let tivo pick it up and we watched.  and…

now i love denise richards.  aside from being a tad superficial (which all women need to be), she really is real.  she’s not dressed up in sparkly outfits with ridiculously lovely shoes (though she has them and i want them – oh my gah, i can’t believe she donated manolos to goodwill!!!), she’s almost always wearing jeans & a tank top.  she seems normal.  which is weird, especially considering she played a character named christmas jones.  moreover, she LOVES her family.  like me, she lost her mother to cancer and like me (one day), she has to explain to her children why their grandmother is gone.  and even more so, like me, she has surrounded herself with the people she loves most (her daughters, her father & her sister vs my son, my sister & my brother).  oh & then there’s the little thing about being a single mom and having been married to a man who was the wrong “one”. 

i suppose i’ll never become a fan of denise richards, the actress, but i  have certainly become a fan of denise richards, woman/mother/daughter.

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