Posted on July 2, 2008


fact or fiction?

the plague had hit their family.  first it was him.  he was fully pampered and recovered.  then it was the baby…

on particularly calm night, she heard the baby wimpering.  since it was out of the norm, she went to check on him and was greeted with the stagnant smell of old milk and whatever was for dinner.  the baby was covered in vomit and scared beyond belief.  not caring about the mess, she grabbed the baby for comfort and ran to wake him up for help.  he did not move.  she tried again, only to be given two words – “i’m coming”. 

ten minutes later, still nothing.  she tried again and again and again.  no help from him arrived.  so, after what seemed like an hour, she called her sister, who rushed over to help. 

they cleaned up the baby, cleaned up his crib and several hours later put him back down for the night.  

when she climbed into bed, he roused just enough to say, “thanks for waking me up”.