Posted on July 2, 2008


every now and then i google myself.  yea.  b/c i’m special. 

nothing ever really pops up, but occassionally i’m surprised.  today, i found…

* my pretty defunct facebook page.  i hardly ever log in and only created it b/c i wanted to check out other people’s stuff.  nosy, i know, but whatever.

* a few fab reviews i did on amazon – one for a griddle (with raclette capabilities!) and one for a book (on babies and not sleeping, which is now proving to be useless).  my amazon wish list is there, as well. 

* lots of work stuff b/c i’m absolutely worth being on the net for something other than my boring/sarcastic blogging.

* my bubbie’s interview for a the columbus jewish historical society, in which she names me (and they spell wrong).

* my info to which i never view b/c i refuse to pay for a membership to snoop around on people i haven’t seen or heard from in over 10 years!

* a page that i apparently set up back in 1999 and haven’t been back to since. 

today’s searched popped up 48 matches.  48!  it’s amazing how famous i am for not being famous.  or wait… what?

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