Posted on July 9, 2008


silly monkey had a date today.  he and michelle went to the movies.  YES!  a 2 year old in the movie theater with other people oh my!  and he did fabulously.  according to michelle…

1.  he was much more well behaved than all of the other children (ranging in ages from about 2 -10).

2.  he popped up a few times to tell her it was “dark”, that horton was a “big elphent”, and he was watching a movie on a “big tv”, but it was ok, b/c he was also cuter than all of the other children. 

3.  sitting in the second row of the theater (b/c people did not follow the rules and go to their assigned theaters), made the big tv even BIGGER!!! 

4.  he loved his movie popcorn and ate nearly the whole bag (a small bag, don’t judge).

5.  people and their kids suck and if she didn’t love silly monkey, she would be OK never being around any children ever again.  ever.  and a day.

needless to say, i was sad that i missed silly monkey’s first movie theater experience.  but at least i know he loves me more than his tiny basic vocabulary can say (which was more than established when he required i give him 20 hugs and kisses this morning, saying “mommy, wait, no work, give hugs”).