Posted on July 11, 2008


silly monkey loves pretty much ANYTHING with wheels, but his newest love is thomas the train (i refuse to call thomas a tank engine, as does silly monkey). we’ve been watching some episodes of THOMAS AND FRIENDS on “on demand” and i’ve noticed a few things that really bother me:

* alec baldwin as narrator? seriously? alec baldwin? the same alec baldwin that called his own daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig”, alec baldwin? narrating a very popular children’s program? good call pbs.

* none of the trains mouths move when they talk. their eyes kind of move and their mouths make odd shapes, but they don’t move to the words. for an animation that rakes in billions of dollars on billions of little toy trains that cost $20 a pop, you would figure they could upgrade the mouths.

* their facial expressions are creepy. also, the trains aren’t very nice. in every episode, at least one of them is CROSS. at least once. at one point, i counted 8 CROSS-references in a single episode!

* they crash – a lot. they break things – frequently. none of them listen – ever. plus, their “drivers” must be on sleep meds b/c they are never paying attention – until they crash or break something.

* sir topham hat is creepy. he looks wooden. and his suit makes him look fat.

* none of the 20 episodes i have seen thus far involve THOMAS as the main character. screw percy and rusty and groucho and crabby-balls. I WANT ME SOME THOMAS!!!

but seriously…

silly monkey loves it. and how cool would it be to have one of these?!