Posted on July 14, 2008


m’s parents own a couple of sailboats.  i’ve been on them a time or two, and while i’m not big on boats (unless they are cruiseliners), i’ve always had a fantastic time (minus the camping).  when silly monkey was born, m’s dad (heretofore known as gramps) planted in my head that someday at sometime no matter how scary it might be or paranoid i might get, silly monkey WOULD be on those boats and WOULD go sailing.  no ifs ands or buts about it.  i suppose i held off as long as i could…

on the dock with gramps

and yesterday, i gave in (whole heartedly).

we finally boarded the “virigina mae”.  it was silly monkey’s first sail so i really was excited, but scared at the same time.  he isn’t necessarily easy or gentle or … careful, to say the least, and sailing isn’t exactly 100% non-dangerous.  but, i figured if we didn’t try, we would never know.  so i sucked it up, silly monkey put on his hat and we went a’sailing!

sweeping up

the worst part was getting him to put on his life vest.  i distracted him long enough, with a car launching a boat in the water, to get it on.  it would creep up and bother him a few more times during the sail, but he did well with it for the most part.  he had no problem getting onto the boat and playing in the cabin.  in fact, he found grammy & gramps’ broom/dustpan and made a go of sweeping up.  he played with some lights, moved some essentials around and then he got a time out (non cleaning related).

the rest of the afternoon was beautiful and breezy and relaxing and just plain nice.  until hegot daring, i got paranoid and decided we better call it a day.  silly monkey helped gramps steer (in circles) until we could dock and we hopped off.  lots of hugs and kisses and waves goodbye later, we headed home.

between rants for french fries, silly monkey told me all about “sailing on a big boat” and that he was a “good boy” and that “mommy pwoud”.

such a wonderful day.

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