Posted on July 16, 2008


we are full on potty toilet training now. surprisingly, silly monkey has been very up for it. he sits on the potty toilet every evening before bed and sometimes in the morning (though he’s not so much a morning boy, so i don’t always force the issue). however, there are a few moderate issues…

* always gung ho to sit on the pot toilet, he wants to sit on the big pot toilet, not the baby pot toilet. i’ve gotten a handle on this by attaching the baby potty seat inside the big potty toilet, which is usually reserved for those already pretty much trained. though, i leave the bucket attached so i can see if he actually went or not.

* he sits on the potty toilet for 20 minutes (on average) before he does anything, if he does anything. by that time, it’s usually nearing bedtime and i wonder if it’s just a bedtime stall tactic or if he REALLY wants to pee in the potty toilet. he also requires a “try” before AND after his bath.

* he requires a “cover up” for his legs. specifically, the “stripey cover up” (= striped towel).

* having a shower curtain with SEVERAL different sort-of stick figurey animals is NOT a helpful distraction (though it is comforting that it is a pvc free, plastic alternative shower curtain).

* singing **peepee on the potty, peepee on the pooooootttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy** does not help either. it’s usually met with “mommy, don’t sing, stop it”.

* i must not call it the potty. he will not sit on the potty. it is a toilet. get it straight.

other than that, i would say we’re well on our way to not wearing diapers. it’ll still be some time before that happens, but we are definitely on the right track.

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