Posted on July 27, 2008


i took the boy to the zoo today. it was only his second visit with his first being over a year ago. that first visit was a major disaster, beginning with him giving mich a bloody nose and ending with him pulling some little girl’s hair on the trolley. this visit was wonderful…

we only took in half of the zoo figuring we’d be back to marvel at the lions, tigers & bears (oh my) and such next time. after a short debate, we took a brief boat ride (or train ride if you asked silly monkey) through the orangutan enclosure (yes! THROUGH it!!), during which mich got pooed on by a berry eatin’ bird…

baby boy fell in love with the reptiles (as much i gathered beforehand), especially the snakes (which he got to touch), iguanas and komodo dragons. he was spooked by the “touch pond”, but entranced by the manatees(my zoo faves, aside from the flamingos), sea turtles, sharks and sting rays. elephants and rhino’s came last, which we quickly skipped away from due to the stink.

we missed seeing “fluffy(the largest snake in captivity: a 24′ long, 300 pound python) as my navigational skills are seemingly lacking and i just couldn’t find her enclosure (and/or didn’t feel like it as we had been there for a few hours already and my face was sweating off).

there were no meltdowns (other than my face) and it was an especially wonderful morning. i got a few great photos, mich got her much needed funnel cake and silly monkey got a neat-o wooden snake. i’m guessing this zoo membership is going to pay for itself.

after we relaxed for a bit (baby boy took a nap, i did the dishes), we watched some thomas the train/tank engine on the dvr. it is very apparent that thomas is smitten with emily, emily can’t really stand thomas (what’s with all the eye rolling?) and thomas is unable to express his feelings, control his pms or maneuver properly when angry cross. that darn thomas… such a positive male role model.