Posted on July 31, 2008


i watch dvds.  lots of dvds.  in my jammies.  by myself. 

recently, i’ve been getting them from the library b/c it’s kind of like netflix (except i have to pick them up) and well, they’re free.  here’s the low down on some of the good, bad and ugly (no pun intended, natch):

* “no reservations”starring catherine zeta jones, aaron eckhart & abigail breslin – LOVED IT!  i know, i know, it got horrible reviews and it was pretty predictable and at times, cheesy.  and maybe it’s b/c i just recently lost my mom or the fact that loss at all is awful, but by god, i really, really LOVED this movie.  and to think, i almost passed it up b/c of the terrible cover photo…

in a nutshell:  catherine zeta jones’ character cares for her niece, played wonderfully by abigail breslin, after a tragic accident claims her sister.  in waltzes a new (and PERFECT) man at work and… that’s it.  aaron eckhart’s character did EVERYTHING right.  seriously, everything.  women would all be so lucky if a man like that actually existed.

* “the eye”starring jessica alba and some guy that looks very, very familiar – OMG, skip it.  i can’t even type a summary.  i’m just too weak.  as is the storyline.

* “primal fear” starring richard gere and edward norton (yum) – this is an older flick.  i requested it after reading a blurb about it in one of my michelle’s magazines (one which she so kindly plops on my side table every few weeks).  edward norton was exceptional and completely deserved his academy award nomination…

in a nutshell:  richard gere’s martin is an attorney representing edward norton’s character(s) (aaron/roy), pro bono (yea, right), after the murder of a local archbishop.  fast forward an hour or so and we learn that aaron is not just aaron, he is also roy.  fast forward a bit more and we learn that aaron did not kill the archbishop, roy did.  so how do you condemn a man that is clearly guilty, but clearly not really guilty?  there’s a big ‘ol twist at the ending that i saw from a mile away, but seriously, i didn’t mind one bit that i had already been spoiled.  it was still friggin’ awesome. 

i’m now looking forward to my new reserves:  “fargo” and “death to smoochie”.

oh and an interesting little tidbit about edward norton – his mother died as a result of a brain tumor in 1997.  and this makes me love him even more.